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Show a native date or time picker widget.

cordova plugin add


Param Type Detail
options Object Date Picker options
Options Type Default Detail
mode String 'date' Mode of date picker: 'date', 'time'
date Date, String new Date() Selected date
minDate Date, String none Minimum date
maxDate Date, String none Maximum date
allowOldDates Boolean true Show / hide dates earlier than selected
allowFutureDates Boolean true Show / hide dates after selected date
doneButtonLabel String 'Done' Label of done button
doneButtonColor String '#0000FF' Hex color of done button
cancelButtonLabel String 'Cancel' Label of cancel button
cancelButtonColor String '#000000' Hex color of cancel button
minuteInterval Integer 1 Interval of minutes selection

Returns Date - User selected Date


module.controller('MyCtrl', function($scope, $cordovaDatePicker) {

  var options = {
    date: new Date(),
    mode: 'date', // or 'time'
    minDate: new Date() - 10000,
    allowOldDates: true,
    allowFutureDates: false,
    doneButtonLabel: 'DONE',
    doneButtonColor: '#F2F3F4',
    cancelButtonLabel: 'CANCEL',
    cancelButtonColor: '#000000'

  document.addEventListener("deviceready", function () {


  }, false);