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The Action Sheet plugin shows a native sheet of options the user can choose from. iOS uses the native UIActionSheet. Android uses the native AlertDialog.

cordova plugin add


Param Type Detail
options Object Options to configure the Action Sheet
Options Type Detail
title String Title of the Action Sheet
buttonLabels String Array Text for each button, index starting from 1
addCancelButtonWithLabel String If empty, no cancel button. Otherwise sets text of cancel button
androidEnableCancelButton Boolean Enables cancel button for Android, default false
winphoneEnableCancelButton Boolean Enables cancel button for Windows Phone, default false
addDestructiveButtonWithLabel String Includes a red button

Returns Integer - the button index user clicked (first button is index 1).

actionSheet-ios actionSheet-android


module.controller('ThisCtrl', function($cordovaActionSheet) {

  var options = {
    title: 'What do you want with this image?',
    buttonLabels: ['Share via Facebook', 'Share via Twitter'],
    addCancelButtonWithLabel: 'Cancel',
    androidEnableCancelButton : true,
    winphoneEnableCancelButton : true,
    addDestructiveButtonWithLabel : 'Delete it'

  document.addEventListener("deviceready", function () {

      .then(function(btnIndex) {
        var index = btnIndex;
  }, false);